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Mitocell Miniature Respirometer

Product Name: Mitocell Miniature Respirometer
Product Type: MT 200 / 200A
Exhibitors: other brand
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Mitocell Miniature Respirometer

Mitocell Miniature Respirometer  Detailed description

• Miniature respirometer for mitochondria and cell suspensions
• Integral magnetic stirrer
• Glass chamber with volumes of 50/100 µl (MT200) or 0.3/0.5/1.0 ml (MT200A), and good visibility of contents
• Transparent polycarbonate plunger
• Substrate and inhibitors may be injected directly into chamber

This new Mitocell Miniature Respirometer has a chamber volume of only 50 µl and was introduced for measurements on mitochondria isolated from biopsy samples. It can be used in any situation where sample size is limited. The base section contains an integral solid state, fixed speed magnetic stirrer. The 1302 microcathode electrode (BS4 69-3006) is inserted from beneath the unit, and its projecting tip forms the base of the respirometer chamber. The glass chamber unit is surrounded by a water jacket through which constant temperature water is circulated. The respiration cell has a polycarbonate plunger with a central capillary through which solutions may be added during the course of a respiration run. Stainless steel magnetic spinbars are supplied together with a special 1 µl syringe supplied with MT200 and a 5 µl syringe with the MT200A for solution additions. An alternative version with a large volume (0.3, 0.5 and 1.0 ml) and a PTFE coated stirbar is also available.


Specifications 693033 726186 726187 726188
Cerifications CE CE CE CE
Model Model MT 200 Model MT 200A    
Chamber Volume 50 / 100 µl 0.3 / 0.5 / 1.0 ml    

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