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Product Name: IH-5 CORE SYSTEM
Product Type: IH-5
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IH-5 Isolated Heart System

IH-5 CORE SYSTEM  Detailed description

The IH-5 utilizes the architecture of the ground-breaking IH-SR to set the standard for isolated heart perfusion in rabbits, ***** guinea pigs, or ***** rats. Engineered for the increased flow produced by these species (up to 500 mL/min), the IH-5 offers ultimate perfusion stability and real physiological conditions for longer, more relevant recordings with fewer artifacts. This compact platform has been optimized to create in situ-like perfusion features, delivering a considerably higher sensitivity for various experimental manipulation while maintaining the advantages of an ex vivo preparation.

The modular nature of the IH-5 allows the system to evolve along with your research. A Langendorff system can easily be upgraded to full Working Heart (according to Neely); and any IH-5 can be upgraded with a range of measurement capabilities unmatched by any system, like multi-channel ECG and MAP for a complete cardiac electrophysiology workstation.

Other useful add-ons include drug addition (using a syringe pump) and pacing. If perfusate containing albumin or erythrocytes is used, the oxygenation can be optimized with the addition of a fiber oxygenator. The IH-5 utilizes convenient switches that allow the researcher to easily change from constant flow to constant pressure perfusion, Langendorff to Working Heart, and between 2 different perfusion solutions.

The complete system includes virtually everything you need to accomplish the basic Langendorff experiment, only requiring the addition of the appropriate species-specific package, the method of constant pressure perfusion and coronary flow measurement, and the desired data acquisition system. Contact our expert technical team if you need assistance with system configuration, application support or custom design requests.

The system includes virtually everything you need to accomplish the basic Langendorff experiment:

- IH-5 Base Unit for large rodent hearts (from subjects up to 2.5 kg)
- Thermocirculator
- Analog Roller Pump
- PLUGSYS Basic System Case 603

° Core System Utilizes 4 of 20 total Slot Units

- Perfusion Pressure Measurements

° Pressure Transducer
° TAM-D PLUGSYS Transducer Amplifier Module

- Left Ventricular Pressure Measurement

° Pressure Transducer
° Holder for Pressure Transducer
° TAM-A PLUGSYS Transducer Amplifier Module

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