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Morris Water Maze-CIRCULAR POOL

Product Name: Morris Water Maze-CIRCULAR POOL
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for evaluating learning and memory in rodents LEARNING AND MEMORY

Morris Water Maze-CIRCULAR POOL  Detailed description
Panlab circular pool provides the ideal environment to carry out the Morris and Radial Water Maze tests for the study of memory in rodents.

The circular pool is manufactured in polypropylene and stands on a support with 4 wheels for easier displacement. Panlab proposes a complete solution for water maze settings since the heater, the water circulation pump, the level controller and the electro valve for pool filling are containing in a unique control box. The level controller acts directly on the Electro Valve, turning it off when the liquid arrives to the corresponding height. The water temperature is thermostated between 22 and 32 degrees depending on the environmental room temperature.

For Morris Water Maze Test, 2 easily interchangeable platforms are supplied (80 and 110 mm) that can be located anywhere in the pool.
For Radial Water Maze, a removable-floating eight radial-arm maze structure and associated platforms can be provided upon request.

Both Morris and Radial Water Mazes may be associated with the SMART Video-Tracking system for detection and analysis of animal displacements and behaviour throughout the test.
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