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Elevated Plus Maze

Product Name: Elevated Plus Maze
Product Type: Elevated Plus Maze
Exhibitors: Panlab
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Elevated Plus Maze

Elevated Plus Maze  Detailed description
Panlab, S.L. has developed basically two Elevated Plus Mazes: one standard and the other automatic, that is, with animal position detection and software analysis.

The Mazes are mounted on supports which give them a certain height from the fl oor. They form a cross of two arms of equal surface area, but one of them is delimited laterally by walls.Both models, made of black plexiglass, have the variant for rats and mice. The Mazes for rats aresupplied with two types of wall:
• Grey, for standard experiments
• Transparent, for specifi c experiments aimed to complement the standard analysis of animal position with an “ethopharmacological” analysis of animal behaviour
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