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Picoliter Microinjector

Product Name: Picoliter Microinjector
Product Type: PLI-100A
Exhibitors: Warner
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The PLI-100A Pico-Injector reliably delivers injections from femtoliters to nanoliters through micropipettes by applying a regulated pressure for a digitally set period of time.

Picoliter Microinjector  Detailed description

Pressure to the pipette is controlled precisely through a multi-turn regulator, and is reported digitally for reproducibility. Injection time is set using an optically encoded circuit which permits fine and coarse settings from a single knob.

The system timer can be controlled in three ways, front panel push button, foot switch, and external trigger input BNC.

Whether you need to do large injections into capillaries or very small injections into mammalian nuclei, the PLI-100A is up for the task.

Pressure Capabilities
The PLI-100A features two negative and three positive pressure pneumatic capabilities.
The negative or vacuum functions allow the user to:

  1. Fill micropipettes from their tips, reducing waste of pipettes.
  2. Provide a means to secure and manipulate a cell using holding pipette.
    The positive pressures allow the user to:
    • Inject precise amounts of fluids
    • Create a balance pressure which prevents backflow into the micropipette following an injection
    • Clear a micropipette of material in it
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