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Single Line Nanoliter Injection

Product Name: Single Line Nanoliter Injection
Product Type: Nanoject II
Exhibitors: Warner
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The Nanoject II is the latest development in the Nanoject family of microinjectors.

Single Line Nanoliter Injection  Detailed description
The Nanoject II is a precision, high quality instrument designed to provide superior microinjection performance. Features include: A high torque motor (an improvement over previous models). This new motor is smoother in operation and results in substantially reduced tip movement. A new collect configuration holds the micropipette more securely thereby reducing air infiltration and oil leakage. The new two-speed fill/inject mode allows the user to fill and inject at half speed, facilitating the use of smaller micropipettes. The handling of more viscous samples is also improved. Taken together, these factors enhance the precise delivery of sample.

Volumes for the Nanoject II range from 2.3 nl to 69 nl. Although previous models of the Nanoject series are excellent for Xenopus oocyte injections, the smaller tips and injection volumes of the Nanoject II allow users to perform injections into specimens that were previously not accessible.

Positive displacement technology and the use of precision micropipettes eliminate the need for tedious calibrations when the viscosity of the sample changes. Contaminants in the sample do not hinder or change the injection volume as with other injectors. The included universal mounting adapter provides easy mounting of the Nanoject II to a variety of micromanipulators and stereotaxic frames.

The Nanoject II system includes the following: Injector head with cord, Control Box, Power Supply with Cord, Universial Mounting Adapter, One Vial (100 pcs) of 3.5" Capillary Glass, One Vial (100 pcs) of 7.0" Capillary Glass, Replacement O-ring Kit with Collet (standard), One Allen Wrench for replacing the wire plunger, and One 30g x 2" Needle for backfilling pipets

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