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4 Channel Valve Controlled Pressurized Perfusion System

Product Name: 4 Channel Valve Controlled Pressurized Perfusion System
Product Type: VC3-4xP Series
Exhibitors: ALA
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The VC3-4xP Series from ALA includes 4 channel valve controlled pressurized perfusion systems that fulfill the requirements of most demanding applications of patch clamp recording and/or imaging.

4 Channel Valve Controlled Pressurized Perfusion System  Detailed description

Key features of the VC3-4xP Series include:

  • Choice of low-maintenance pinch valves or fast-response solenoid valves 
  • Customizable reservoir sizes and materials
  • DAQ control via analog or TTL input
  • Valve control through DAQ, Valve Commander software, or controller
  • Spill sensor with automatic shutoff to protect microscope optics
  • MilliManifold TM and Quartz MicroManifold® perfusion outlet options for low volume and rapid solution exchange applications
  • Valve open and close timestamps via analog or digital output

Each VC3-4xP Series system includes the following:

  • Magnetic stand with poles
  • Valve manifold with solenoid or pinch valves and 5mL pressurized syringe reservoirs
  • VC3 electronic valve controller with a USB cable and Valve Commander software
  • DB9-BNC4 cable for TTL input or output
  • DB9-CABLE controller to valve manifold cable
  • Spill sensor and tubing

Each VC3-4xP Series system features a choice of valves:

Pinch valves : The 3-way normally open and normally closed pinch valves require minimal maintenance in long-term perfusion experiments and have response times of 15-20 ms.

  • Solenoid valves : The 2-way normally closed solenoid valves are optimized for high-speed solution exchange. These valves feature a biologically inert internally wettable surface and have response times of 1-2 ms.

Valve Controller:

  • Dimensions/Weight: 8"/20.32cm x 6"/15.24cm x 2.5"/6.35cm / 1.5lbs/0.68kg
  • Power: 15VDC/3.15A
  • Computer Control Input: Analog input 0.5V/valve[ TTL high 1 bit/valve; USB 2.0
  • Computer Output Monitoring: Analog output 0.5V/valve; Sync TTL high; TTL high 1 bit/valve
  • Manual Control: Membrane switch 1/valve; mom on/off or toggle on/off

Valve Manifolds:

  • Pinch Valves: 4 x 12VDC/0.25A each- 3-way normally open or normally closed pinch valves
  • Pinch Valve Opening Speed: 15 to 20 ms
  • Pinch Valve ID Tubing: 0.020"/0.5mm
  • Solenoid Valves: 12VDC/0.25A each- Lee OEM Inert Solenoid Valve
  • Solenoid Valve Opening Speed: 1-2 ms
  • Reservoirs : 5mL pressurized syringes with 3-way stop cock luer valves

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