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Microelectrode Beveler

Product Name: Microelectrode Beveler
Product Type: BV-10
Exhibitors: Sutter
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Elegant and simple to use

Microelectrode Beveler  Detailed description
Elegant and simple to use, the BV-10 offers precision beveling of micropipette tips between 0.1 and 100µm. The unique abrasive plate drive system is vibration free for greater control of the beveling process. Beveling can be accomplished very rapidly and produces consistent tip diameters using the techniques as described by Brown and Flaming, Science, August 1974, Vol. 185.Intracellular recording electrodes can benefit from beveling because of 1) a reduction in the tip diameter by creation of the sharp point on the electrode and 2) a lowered electrical resistance of the electrode due to the larger cross sectional area of the lumen. This greatly facilitates penetrating and holding very small or difficult cells. Microinjection needles also benefit from beveling by promoting entry into cells with minimal damage while at the same time enhancing the flow of material through the needle.

Beveling Range
0.1um through 50um finished electrodes depending on abrasive plate used
Grinding Surface Variation
less than 1.0um
Grinding Speed
60 RPM
Beveling Angle Range
5-90 degrees - adjustable
course drive:
0.075in / dial revolution
fine drive:
0.0004in / dial revolution
19in x 9in x 8in
48cm x 22cm x 20cm
45 lbs
20 kg
120 volts
50/60 Hertz power line
(220 volt option requires special modification, please see price list)
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