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Junior RE/LE (3 axes)

Product Name: Junior RE/LE (3 axes)
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Exhibitors: LN
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The Junior Unit consists of three junior axes.

Junior RE/LE (3 axes)  Detailed description

The Junior Unit consists of three junior axes. Axis Y and Z allow a movement path of 16mm, and axis X allows a 22mm movement. This permits the compact dimensions of the unit. The LN Junior Unit has been redesigned in order to reduce drift as well as to improve resolution and stability.
Due to the compact dimensions, up to 8 units can be positioned around the bath chamber, and
a shorter Y axis allows even up to 12 units. The unit is available with turn and backfold adapters or fast exchance rail.
For applications that require highly sophisticated micromanipulation and economy of space we recommend a manipulator (for example: Multipatch Set Up, InVivo Setup).

Standard Unit:
XYZ Junior manipulator block
- without tilting element
- incl. fast exchange rail and head stage holder

Traverse path : X= 22mm; Y / Z= 16mm
Motor resolution : 7

Reproducibility : <1µm
Dimension (LxHxB) : 115 x 112 x 131mm
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