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MPC-385-2/MPC-325-2 Micromanipulator

Product Name: MPC-385-2/MPC-325-2 Micromanipulator
Product Type: MPC-385-2/MPC-325-2
Exhibitors: Sutter
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MPC-385-2/MPC-325-2 Micromanipulator

MPC-385-2/MPC-325-2 Micromanipulator  Detailed description

MPC-385-2/MPC-325-2 Micromanipulator.

Main Application:

    The patch clamp experiments used to manipulate the movement of the two recording electrodes were used for the recording of double cells (such as neuron synapse cells), neuronal cell bodies and processes. The MPC-385-2 includes an MPC-200 controller, two MP-285 manipulators, and a ROE-200. The MPC-325-2 model includes an MPC-200 controller, two MP-225 manipulators, and a ROE-200.
Main Feature:

• One ROE-200 can control two MP-285 (or MP-225) manipulators.
• Can be upgraded to a ROE-200 controlling four MP-285 (or MP-225) manipulators.
• Full electric four-axis movement: X, Y, Z, and diagonal motion.
• The LCD shows the activated MP-285 (or MP-225) manipulator and X, Y, Z position and movement speed.
• Stroke: The maximum distance of X, Y, Z and slashes is 25mm.
• Maximum movement speed: 2.0mm/sec.
• The highest resolution is 62.5nm/step.
• Drift: <1 μm/hr.
• Has the HOME function that allows the electrode to quickly return to its original position.
• Can be used with any microscope.

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