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Morris water maze

Product Name: Morris water maze
Product Type: Morris water maze
Exhibitors: Panlab
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Panlab Morris water maze with Altantis automatic lifting platform.

Morris water maze  Detailed description
    Morris water maze has been widely used to study spatial learning and memory mechanism since Morris water maze model was used to study spatial memory in 1981. It is one of the most commonly used animal neurobehavioral detection items. During many trainings, the animals learn to look for a hidden platform with a fixed position and form a stable spatial position recognition. This kind of spatial cognition is formed by processing spatial information (external clues). The position of the platform has nothing to do with the position and status of the big mouse itself, but it is a kind of reference cognition based on different individuals. The formed memory is a kind of spatial reference memory.
    A set of excellent water maze products require both lightweight and durable materials, efficient water heating and insulation systems, and rollers that can be moved flexibly.
    Panlab's well-designed Morris water maze is such a product. Not only that, but also pumping water pump and automatic water level adjustment device can complete the preparation of the water maze under unguarded conditions. The size of the pool can be selected within the range of 90cm-200cm. In addition to the Morris maze, we also provide an underwater 8-arm maze and 6-arm maze and supporting platform.
    Options also include: Fixed height platform or Atlantis automatic lifting platform.
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