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OxyletPro metabolic monitoring system

Product Name: OxyletPro metabolic monitoring system
Product Type: OxyletPro
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The OxyletPro metabolic monitoring system is one of the best systems for the study of metabolic behavior of small animals and is from Panlab, Spain. OxyletPro metabolic monitoring system is a modular system that integrates dietary drinking water, respiratory metabolism, and standing activity monitoring. It is able to monitor the rhythm and metabolism of animal activities in all aspects.

OxyletPro metabolic monitoring system  Detailed description
1.Comfortable homecage design:
    Provide animals with a comfortable living and activity environment.

    Reduce environmental pressure as much as possible.

    Easy to install and upgrade later.

2.Dietary drinking intake monitoring:
    Each metabolic cage comes with an independent diet and a sink, and has precision sensors that transmit data to the system in real time and display it on the display.
    The clever recycling design can recover the food and water leaked during the process of eating and drinking, and automatically remove it from the data to ensure the authenticity and scientificity of the data.
     Precision weight sensor allows accurate monitoring of weight changes.

3.Advanced respiratory metabolic monitoring:
    Homecage is equipped with an air sealing cover to ensure an independent experimental environment and ensure the authenticity of air flow calculations.
    Independent air supply unit can control the gas flow of each metabolic cage and send the gas sample to the gas analyzer gas analyzer.
    The gas analyzer gas analyzer has highly sensitive laser diode oxygen detectors and infrared spectrum carbon dioxide detectors, accurate to 0.01%.

4.Activity and standing monitoring:
    The weight sensor can also continuously record the animal's spontaneous activity in the metabolic cage for monitoring the animal's physiological discipline and activity level.
    Additional infrared sensor rods can be used to monitor animal standing activities and record the number and time of standing.
5.Metabolism Software
    Metabolism is modular software for use with OxyletPro, including METAOXY for monitoring metabolism, METAINT monitoring intake, and METACT monitoring activities.
    The data that Metabolism can record includes.
    O2/CO2 concentration; food and water intake.
    O2/CO2 consumption; average activity.
    Gas flow; standing data.
    Breathing entropy, energy consumption.

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