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BTX ElectroCell Fusion Systems

Product Name: BTX ElectroCell Fusion Systems
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BTX ElectroCell Fusion Systems

BTX ElectroCell Fusion Systems  Detailed description

    • Exponential decay, square wave, and electro cell manipulatin systems

Electro Cell Fusion Systems are versatile electro cell manipulation instruments. They generate a proprietary AC waveform for benign dielectrophoretic alignment of cells. With only microsecond switch-over time from AC to DC, efficient fusion can take place. After fusion, AC reapplication keeps cells together for the rounding off process. The DC square pulse section can be used as a stand alone powerful electroporation system with a wide range of voltages and pulse lengths capable of operating into low impedance loads. Choose from an assortment of sterile electroporation cuvettes, electrodes, and microslides and chambers to suit your needs.

What's included: ten 0.5-mm and one 3.2-mm
microslides, micrograbber cables, square-post micrograbber cables, meander fusion chamber, flat electrode/divergent field, electrode adapter, and 10-ft coaxial banana plug connection cable.

Wave form AC sinusoidal/DC square wave
Low voltage mode (Voltage range) AC: 0 to 75V; DC: 0 to 500V
Low voltage mode (Pulse length range) DC: 0.01 to 0.99 msec; 1 to 99 msec
High voltage mode (Voltage range) 30 to 3000V
High voltage mode (Pulse length range) DC: 1 to 99 msec
Manufacturer number 45-0007

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