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Bio Multi Incubator

Product Name: Bio Multi Incubator
Product Type: LH-30CCFL-8CT/LH-80CCFL-6CT
Exhibitors: other brand
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


Bio Multi Incubator allows individual controlling of the environment of 8 or 6 chambers! Effectively speeds up the research.

Bio Multi Incubator  Detailed description

* 8 or 6 multiple-chmber-system with 8 or 6 different environmental control.
*Each chamber is independent so that it allows individual temperature control and contrasting.
*CCFL allows high illumination due to its low heat generation characteristics.
*Multiple control system allows 2-step alternating temperature in the range from 5 to 45 degrees centigrade (from 15 to 40 degrees centigrade when lighting is on) and dimmer control for individual chamber.
*Air jacket system allows gentle cooling for living organisms.
*Protective cover is attached to the operation panel to prevent wrong operation.
*CO2 gas can be applied for each chamber.(CO2 gas controller: Optional) Gas canister, pressure controller and gas canister mount are not included.
*Easy to move with wheels attached.
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