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Gel Logic 212 PRO

Product Name: Gel Logic 212 PRO
Product Type: Gel Logic 212 PRO
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Gel Logic 212 PRO Imaging System

Gel Logic 212 PRO  Detailed description

The new Gel Logic 212 PRO is a fully automated system that is designed for medium-to-large labs in which workflow, high-sample throughput, safety and high-quality image analysis are critical. This versatile, easy-to-use system is ideal for imaging fluorescence or colorimetric data in sample formats such as gels (DNA/Coomassie/Silver stain) membranes, and 96 well plates. Carestream Molecular Imaging software (included) features a variety of new, easy-to-use functionalities such as true autofocus and directed autoexposure make it easy to capture perfectly exposed images in just a few clicks.

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