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12 Port: Nose Only Exposure Tower

Product Name: 12 Port: Nose Only Exposure Tower
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Nose-poke, exposure tower

12 Port: Nose Only Exposure Tower  Detailed description
The 12 Port Tower allows easy, nose only exposure of up to 12 animals simultaneously. Through its
patented design aerosol delivery system, a full homogenous distribution of the aerosol is achieved. The
modular design of the system allows for increased expandability, only limiting its size by the height and
depth of the hood or glovebox.
The 12 port has delivered consistent and verifiable results over a wide range of aerosols in all facets of
research. Aerosol is generated at the bottom of the tower and directed straight to the nose of the animal.
After the aerosol is inhaled, exhaust air is immediately vented through the outer plenum and top of the
tower preventing any rebreathing by the animal. Easy maintenance, dependable results, and industry
tested design are just a few reasons CH Technologies Inc. exposure systems are found throughout some
of the most prestigious research facilities worldwide.
Height x Diameter (in) : 3.5 x .8.3”
Weight: approx. 18 lb
Material : 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminum
Application examples
• Toxicology
• Inhalation Exposure
• Respiratory Drug Delivery
• Microbiology
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