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IPL-1 isolated lung system

Product Name: IPL-1 isolated lung system
Product Type: IPL-1
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Isolated lung system for mice

IPL-1 isolated lung system  Detailed description

The IPL-1 is engineered for the most demanding applications.
As a result the basic system can easily be upgraded to add capability modules for virtually any ex-vivo pulmonary assay. Due to the fragile nature of the mouse lung, its suspension from the tracheal and vascular cannulae is difficult to accomplish without the rapid occurance of edema. In collaboration with experts in pulmonary physiology, an alternative design was implemented which allows for ventilation and perfusion with the lungs remaining in situ at a slight incline. This novel approach simplifies cannulation of the pulmonary artery and left atrium of the heart and dramatically reduces edema formation.

The Following Signals are Recorded as Raw Data:
Pulmonary Artery (Perfusion) Pressure
Perfusion Flow
Intrapleural (artificial thorax) Pressure or Tracheal Pressure
Respiratory Flow
The Following Parameters can be calculated from the Raw Data:
Tidal Volume, Minute Volume
Respiratory Volume
Peak Inspiratory & Expiratory Airflow
Vascular Resistance
Respiration Rate
Inspiratory Time & Expiratory Time
End Inspiratory & Expiratory Pressure
Dynamic Airway Resistance & Compliance * Calculations are automatic when HSE PULMODYN software is used.
Exclusive artificial thorax chamber for isolated lung with integrated changeover system for switch between simple positive-pressure ventilation and physiological negative (subatmospheric pressure ventilation)
Integrated surgery table to reduce damage during preparation
Unique built-in pneumotachometer and air humidifier with small dead volume
Drug injection pathway built directly into pulmonary perfusate stream
Low flow resistance and dead space volume minimize perfusion artifacts

Proprietary cannulae are matched to mouse vessel and feature tip occlusion protectors and Mini Ball system which allow cannulae to be fixed, further reducing the incidence of vascular occlusion


For a working unit, the core system requires the addition of a selection of one of the options VCMP, VCMR or PPV-1

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