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High-Density Electrophysiology System

Product Name: High-Density Electrophysiology System
Product Type: Digital Lynx 16SX
Exhibitors: Neuralynx
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The most advanced digital high-density electrophysiology acquisition and experiment control system for 16 to 512 channels, providing the lowest noise, DC coupled, wide-band recording solution with the largest signal input range.

High-Density Electrophysiology System  Detailed description

The foundation of the Digital Lynx 16SX system, the Digital Lynx Combo Board performs both analog-to-digital signal conversion and software controlled analog reference selection for up to 512 channels - at lower cost per channel. One Combo Board replaces one DRS/Hybrid Input Board pair.

The Digital Lynx 16SX includes chassis, 16 board backplane, SX Motherboard, power supply and optical fiber Ethernet connection. The 16 board backplane supports up to 8 DRS/Hybrid Input Board pairs for 256 acquisition channels or up to 16 Digital Lynx Combo Boards for 512 acquisition channels.

Cheetah license is transferable between systems - saving you money on all system upgrades.

  • All new Digital Lynx SX systems now include Hardware Processing Platform (HPP) for real-time, closed-loop feedback experiments.

  • Supports 16 to 128 acquisition channels (with 4 Combo Boards installed)

  • Automatic configuration for board population

  • Firmware version updates automatically load from PC

  • High Speed serial expansion for future external devices

  • Mezzanine Board expansion for sub-millisecond onboard processing capabilities - analog or digital I/O


Channels 128 (32 per installed Combo Board)
Analog References 32 (8 per installed Combo Board)
Global References 8
Noise ≤ 1.3 µVRMS
A/D Converter Resolution 24 bit
Dynamic Input Range ±132 mV (0.1 Hz to 8 kHz) ±1 V at DC
Bandwidth DC to 8 kHz
Common Mode Rejection Ratio 105 dB at 60 Hz
Sample Rates 16 - 40 kHz in 2 kHz steps
8-bit TTL I/O Ports 4
Signal Inputs AC, DC and Hybrid AC/DC coupled
Front Panel D/A Outputs 4 channels through two ⅛” stereo jacks with a ±1 Volt output range
Power Supply +15 V
Ethernet Connections 2 (Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber)

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