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Digital Lynx 16SX

Product Name: Digital Lynx 16SX
Product Type: 16SX
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The Digital Lynx 16SX encompasses the chassis, backplane, control board, power supply and optical ethernet connection for the Digital Lynx acquisition system.

Digital Lynx 16SX  Detailed description

•16-40kHz Sample Rates in 2kHz Steps
•16 Board Capable (512 Channels)
•Multiple Gigabit Ethernet Over Fiber Data Connections
•Automatic Configuration for Board Population
•Four 8-Bit I/O Ports
•4 Front Panel D/A Outputs (4 Outputs Through 2 Stereo Jacks with a +- 1 Volt Input Range)
•Automatic Firmware Version Updates Loading From The PC
•Multiple Digital Lynx Synchronization Unlimited Channels
•High Speed Serial Expansion (For Future External Devices)
•Mezzanine Board Expansion (For Major Onboard Processing Capabilities) Analog Or Digital I/O)
•AC, DC and Hybrid AC/DC Coupled Signal Inputs

When you purchase a Digital Lynx System from Neuralynx, this is what you get:
•The highest channel count at 512.
•The lowest noise of 1.3µV or less.
•The highest resolution due to the 24 bit A/D converters.
•The widest dynamic input range at ± 132 mV.
•The most flexible referencing options with 8 references per 32 channel bank and 8 global references.
•The most advanced Digital High Density Electrophysiology Data Recording System in the industry.

The Neuralynx Digital Reference Selection board is a software controlled analog solid state switch array for reference selection and individual channelreference assignment. The DRS-36 allows 8 of the 36 input channels from each headstage (HS-36) to be selected for use as the reference input for each channel of each Input Board. References may also be shared between multiple DRS-36 boards for up to 8 Global References per system.


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