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Biotron Dark Room Type

Product Name: Biotron Dark Room Type
Product Type: LPH-350SP
Exhibitors: other brand
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


Biotron Dark Room Type allows environmental control to apply various researches such as nighttime and daytime control.

Biotron Dark Room Type  Detailed description

􀙨the simple and standard S type mainly controls temperature
and illuminance.
􀙨Circulating ventilation system stirs the inside of a cabinet
􀙨Temperature and illuminance can be set easily at constant
value or two-step control. (S type)
􀙨Three position control system of temperature allows low
running cost.
􀙨It provides high illuminance of 0 to 30,000 lx for LH-220, and 0
to 27,000lx for LPH-350.
􀙨LH-100, LH-220 and LPH-350 are available.
􀙨Easy to view and operate operation touch panel is installed
at upper area with real time Japanese display.
􀙨the SP type controls temperature and illuminance as
􀙨The LPH-SP type temperature, humidity and illuminance as
􀙨Temperature and illuminance are controlled by microcomputer
at 9 steps/3 patterns or 27 steps/1 pattern based on
the real time system. (SP type)
􀙨Humidity is generated by supersonic wave system.
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