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CytoFuge 12

Product Name: CytoFuge 12
Product Type: CytoFuge 12
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The StatSpin CytoFuge 12 is a small versatile and economically priced cytocentrifuge that gently deposits cells in a monolayer onto microscope slides.

CytoFuge 12  Detailed description
• Compact and quiet - fits in small area
• Sealed rotor minimizes exposure to
• Optimal control of acceleration/ braking
• Cover Interlock System prevents
operation with cover open
• Removable sealed rotor can be
loaded/unloaded in a safety hood
• Autoclavable rotor
• Easy to clean inner bowl
• Clear cover allows operator to see
rotor during operation
• Accurate and repeatable - speed and
cycle time controls accommodate a
range of applications
• Variable speeds and times with up to
24 stored protocols
• Handles samples 50-800 uL
• Safety alarms and error codes for selfdiagnosis
• 3 acceleration levels
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