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ALT IVC system

Product Name: ALT IVC system
Product Type: MACS
Exhibitors: ALT Design
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


modular animal caging system

ALT IVC system  Detailed description

It’s Modular 
The biggest advantage of a modular IVC system is just that…its modularity!

Low Investment Cost
A second way to keep initial investment cost down is to use your existing inventory of cages

Easy Rodent Change
Change from a mouse IVC rack to a rat IVC system without buying all new equipment

Easy Clean
Easy to disassemble modular components for cleaning

• Organize rooms for both the cage density needed and/or make workflow more efficient through the rooms.
• Create more space within the rooms to accommodate investigators and your animal care staff. Add more of the equipment you need.
• MACS even makes it easier for you to layout rooms that are not so square and neat.

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