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micropropagation Cabinet

Product Name: micropropagation Cabinet
Product Type: KCLP-1400CCFL-CT
Exhibitors: Nihonika(NK)
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With newly adopted CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp), extremely healthy cultured seeding can be raised under an optimal environment for each plant. It is suitable for culturing transforming plants

micropropagation Cabinet  Detailed description
Excellent  adiathermancy  and  sealing  of  the  chamber  equipped  with cooling device and
  heating-flowing unit precisely regulates temperature by cross-stirring method.

With CCFL multiple adjacent lighting for breeding shelves, raising space has been doubled
  from the conventional model.

CO2 gas can be introduced to promote photosynthesis.
Sterile culture container with excellent light and CO2  gas permeability effectively promotes 
  photosynthesis of cultured seedling.
By  letting  the  plant  photosynthesize by utilizing only light  and  CO2 gas  without adding
  sugar to the culture medium, i.e.autotrophic micropropagation, clonal  plantlets  can  keep   growing quickly after being acclimatiged.
Install several cabinets to improve efficiency and versatility of  R&D and production, through
  changing luminescent color, photon flux, temperature or light biorhythm(photoperiodism)
  or introducing CO2 gas.

It is easy to move.
This is the complete product. No need for assembly.
Tissue  culture  and  clonal  plantlet  production  of  agricultural  crop  plants,  fruit  trees,
  green vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants, forest trees, sycamine or pasture grass
Tissue culture and clonal plantlet  production of protected horticulture and plant factories
Algal  plant  culture     Various  R&D  
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