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Image Station 4000MM PRO

Product Name: Image Station 4000MM PRO
Product Type: Image Station 4000MM PRO
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Image Station 4000MMPROoffers superior image quality, unmatched imaging versatility and fast, convenient workflow.

Image Station 4000MM PRO  Detailed description

The Image Station 4000MM PRO brings the highest level of automation and precision in the in vitro product lines providing reproducible and quantitative imaging of chemiluminescent, UV and multi-wavelength fluorescent, chromogenic and radioisotopic labels in gels, blots, and plates. IS4000MM PRO NOW has 2 lens and Xenon illumination source options for an even higher level of applications customizability. It features a 4.2 megapixel cooled CCD camera, true 16-bit imaging, wide selection of available excitation and emission filters, and Carestream Molecular Imaging Software to create a truly advanced imaging system, for the optimal combination of precision, performance and versatility.

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