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Inspira - Advanced Safety Ventilator

Product Name: Inspira - Advanced Safety Ventilator
Product Type: Inspira - Advanced Safety Ventilator
Exhibitors: Harvard
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Key Features • NEW Inspiratory Hold option - Ideal for imaging or lung compliance studies! • Volume and pressure controlled models • Airway pressure monitoring • SafeRange™ Software to ensure safe del

Inspira - Advanced Safety Ventilator  Detailed description

• Ventilates mice to cats with one ventilator (15 g to 10 kg)
• Easy to use
• Four models available:
— Volume-Controlled ASVv
— Pressure-Controlled ASVp
— Volume-Controlled Inspiratory Hold ASVv-IH
— Pressure-Controlled Inspiratory Hold ASVp-IH
• Airway pressure monitoring detects over/under
pressurization of lungs
• Assist Mode helps wean animal off the ventilator
• Built in sigh breath maintains optimal lung
• Adjustable I:E ratio (1:4 to 4:1)
• Ability to ventilate with air or non-flammable
anesthetic gases
• Quiet operation
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