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XenoWorks Microinjection Systems

Product Name: XenoWorks Microinjection Systems
Product Type: XenoWorks
Exhibitors: Sutter
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XenoWorks®, a modular system designed to meet a wide variety of microinjection application needs. Our experience with precision motor control has culminated in this state of the art system.

XenoWorks Microinjection Systems  Detailed description
    Microinjection system consists of:
1. Digital microinjector.  2.Analog microinjector.  3. Injection micropipette.

    Sutter's XenoWorks is a complete modular microinjection system that can be used in a wide variety of microinjections.

    Microinjection is generally performed on cells that are 10-20 μm in diameter, or larger in size. The success of the micromanipulation experiment depends mainly on the resolution of the micromanipulator, ie the minimum distance to move in each step. For smaller cells, a high-resolution electric micromanipulator should be selected; if the injected cells are large, such as oocytes, a manual micromanipulator with a low resolution can be selected. In addition, factors such as the sensitivity, stability, and ergonomic design of the micromanipulator will affect the successful operation of micromanipulation experiments.

    The XenoWorks system's micromanipulator uses a classic, inverted rocker design that works with Sutter's superiorly smooth stepper motor drive to provide excellent handling stability, sensitivity, and a wide range of motion.
The digital microinjector in the XenoWorks system can be used for precision injection of cells using a 2-channel pressure port, one way to fix the suspended cells, and the second way can be used for high pressure injection or gentle positive and negative pressure applications. Both injection schedules and pressures are easily set via the digital panel. The built-in compression pressure system provides all positive and negative pressures without using an external pressure cylinder.
    The XenoWorks system can also use analog micro-syringes for simple cell fixation and injection.

    The main application scope:
◆ DNA pronuclear microinjection of fertilized egg cells.
◆ Embryonic stem cells transfer to blastocysts.
◆ Somatic cell nuclear transfer.
◆ Intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
◆ Piezoelectrically assisted sperm vector transgenesis technology.
◆ Nuclear transfer.
◆ Adherent cells for injection.
◆ Drosophila injection.
◆ Nematode injection.
◆ Zebrafish injection.

1. XenoWorks Microinjection Micromanipulator
Performance Characteristics:
■ Rocker with adjustable height and tightness.
■ The micro-injection tip moves exceptionally smooth and responsive.
■ Contact clutch mechanism to prevent malfunction.
■ From coarse adjustment to a particularly fine 6-speed setting.
■ "Home" position design for quick and easy replacement of micro-injection tubes.
■ User-defined memory locations, including the "Work" location
■ Z-axis minimum limit to protect the injection tip.
■ Y-axis locking mechanism allows pure X-axis movement for easy injection.
■ X, Y, Z 3 axes have a 25mm stroke.

2. XenoWorks Digital Microinjector
Performance Characteristics:
■ Built-in gas compressor eliminates the need for external gas cylinders.
■ 2 independent pressure paths for simultaneous fixation and injection
As a result, two sets of micro-injectors work at the same time.
■ Independent negative pressure and positive pressure settings.
■ 2 injection modes: pulsed and continuous.
■ 4 functions: Hold, Transfer, Inject, Clear.
■ Transfer Path provides pressure compensation for high pressure injections.
■ Continuous pressure adjustment with rotary controls.
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