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PLI-100 Pico-Injector

Product Name: PLI-100 Pico-Injector
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A full featured workhorse microinjector

PLI-100 Pico-Injector  Detailed description
The PLI-100 Pico-Injector reliably delivers a wide range of volumes through micropipettes by applying a regulated pressure for a digitally set period of time. Compressed gas allows the user to deliver desired volumes from femtoliters to microliters while simultaneously holding a cell. Whether you need to do large injections into capillaries or very small injections into mammalian nuclei, the PLI-100 is well suited for your experiment.
The PLI-100 has become a favorite of prestigious national microinjection workshops like Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and other researchers worldwide. Other companies have tried to design similar systems, but the PLI-100 remains unparalleled in terms of ease of use, durability, precision, and cost.
Researchers Say:
“The PLI-100 is very robust, in constant use in our lab.”
“Most importantly, the PLI-100 valves prevent cytosol and yolk backflow
into my pipette after oocyte injection.”
“It’s very easy to control.”
“The PLI-100 is heavily used on a daily basis, and works great.”
“I like the fact that I can use the PLI-100 with TTL pulses.”
“It works great in conjunction with my imaging system.”
“The balance pressure is a good option.”
“My injection pipettes rarely clog.”
Easy to Use
Inject with the touch of a button or a tap of the foot switch—it’s as easy as that!
Pressure to the pipette is controlled precisely through a multi-turn regulator, and is reported digitally for easy repeat. Injection time is digitally controlled in 10 msec steps between 0.01 to 0.99 seconds (and in 1 second steps between 1 to 99 seconds). Pipette tip diameter, and hence delivered volume, are easy determinations once the timing and pressure are known.
Deliver volumes from femtoliters to microliters with the same instrument, resulting in a wide range of applications.

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