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Standard Infuse/Withdraw PHD 22/2000 Syringe Pumps

Product Name: Standard Infuse/Withdraw PHD 22/2000 Syringe Pumps
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The Harvard PHD 22/2000 Advance Syringe Pump family is the most versatile of the pump lines.

Standard Infuse/Withdraw PHD 22/2000 Syringe Pumps  Detailed description

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• High accuracy and precision
• Low flow rate
• Ultimate flexibility and versatility
• 2 year warranty

Forty years ago Harvard Apparatus perfected the lead screw principle and created the first syringe pump. Since that time, tens of thousands of Harvard pumps have earned a reputation as the most reliable research partners in every major laboratory in the World. The PHD 22/2000 syringe pump series gives you the lowest flow rates ever, the highest accuracy, the smoothest flow, advanced programmability from the keypad and yet, is very easy to use.

Highest Accuracy and Precision
A welded steel chassis, machined Delrin™ components, upgraded guide rods, and advanced electronics give accuracy within 0.35% and reproducibility within 0.05%.

Lowest Flow Rates
A new micro stepping motor and control software give the lowest flow rates ever, down to 0.0001 µl/hour. It is also incredibly quiet so it won’t disturb your experimental subjects.

There is a PHD 22/2000 syringe pump to meet every need, whether it be simple infusion, infusion and withdrawal, or programming capabilities.

1. Infuse Only:
This pump is suitable for applications that require high accuracy and low rates but, do not need to withdraw fluid and do not need programmability. Should you need withdrawal or program capabilities later on, the infusion only pump can be upgraded

2. Infuse/Withdraw:
The Harvard PHD 22/2000 infuse/withdraw has identical performance to the infusion only model (above) but can also withdraw (refill).

3. Programmable:
The Harvard PHD 22/2000 Programmable pump has the most advanced programming functions and yet is very
easy to use. The pump can store up to four programs of 10 sequences each. Programs are stored in non-volatile memory. No other pump can give you this level of control and flexibility. The programmable pumps may also be programmed using Symphony, Harvard’s Windows™ pump manager software.

Easy to Use
A bright, easy to read, two-line fluorescent display can be easily read from across the lab. A target volume key makes it easy to dispense a set volume. An ergonomic ‘Autolock’ release mechanism is easy for even small hands to operate and can never be left unlocked. The numerical keys utilize the familiar ‘telephone’ layout.

We offer pumps that can be upgraded. If you buy an infuse/withdraw pump and later decide you want programmability you can upgrade it. You pay a lot less than buying a whole new pump.

Program Description
The programming functions of this pump provide powerful capabilities for advanced experiments. While in program mode this pump can perform the following tasks at a predetermined time or when prompted by a signal from an external device:
- start or stop pumping
- change pumping direction (infuse-withdraw)
- change flow rates
- pump a precise volume and stop
- pause operation
- ramp up or down flow rates

In program mode the above tasks can be linked together into powerful programs to simplify your automation projects. Introducing the three newest members to join the PHD 22/2000 family:

High Pressure Syringe Pumps
Every version of the PHD 22/2000 Pump is now available with a stronger motor that can provide more force. These pumps are ideal when working with viscous fluid or when driving multiple syringes. The standard force PHD 22/2000 series syringe pump delivers an average nominal force of 50 lbs. while the high power version delivers 66 lbs. If you require even greater force see the PHD 22/2000 Hpsi or the Pump 4400 Hpsi. Visit our website.

Remotely Controlled Syringe Pump
Use the Hpsi remote pump in hazardous environments where the researcher is safer when distanced from the material being pumped. This pump has a 30 foot cable that allows the pumping mechanism to be located remotely from the control box. Every version of the PHD syringe pump is available in a remote model (pictured above).

Push/Pull Syringe Pump
The third new member to the PHD 22/2000 family is the Push/Pull PHD 22/2000. This pump can simultaneously infuse and withdraw the exact amount. Use this when you do not want the volume infused to alter pressure. With the addition of a 61-0270 Tubing Segment or a valve box, it can also provide continuous infusion. It is available in both infuse/withdraw and programmable models. The right side syringe holder is the standard 2-syringe rack found on all PHD 22/2000 syringe pumps. This standard holder will accept all the PHD 22/2000 multi-syringe racks (right side only).
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