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Product Name: Stimulator
Product Type: Master-9
Exhibitors: AMPI
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


9 channels with repetitive, single and train outputs. Monophasic and biphasic pulses and ramp outputs.

Stimulator  Detailed description
NEW – Record patterns and deliver recorded patterns

Use some channels to stimulate your preparation, while using other channels to trigger other instruments (oscilloscope, PC, etc.) in synchronization with the stimulation.

All channels can be operated independently, or synchronized to produce complex paradigms (e.g. Theta-Burst).

Modification on-the-fly:
modify parameters without stopping the stimulation. For example, while stimulating, switch the stimulation rate from one range to another (e.g. from 98 PPS to 102 PPS).

Wide time intervals between pulses/trains:
from 40 microsec to 3,999 sec!
∆V Voltage steps
Each channel can deliver ∆V voltage steps, even for biphasic pulses.

Channel 9 can record input patterns (such as action potential, sine wave, etc.). The pattern is saved in the memory of the Master-9 even after disconnecting the source.
This recorded pattern can now be delivered in all the modes of operation: FREE-RUN, TRIG, TRAIN, and TWIN modes.
The user can save 9 independent recorded patterns, one for each paradigm.
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