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Product Name: Stimulator
Product Type: Master-8/Master-8-CP
Exhibitors: AMPI
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


Master-8 is an extremely flexible system

Stimulator  Detailed description
Master-8 is an eight channel general purpose stimulator for nerve and muscle stimulation procedures:
All eight channels can be operated independently, or synchronized to produce complex patterns of pulses.
Use some channels to stimulate your preparation, while using other channels to trigger other instruments (oscilloscope, PC, etc.) in synchronization with the stimulation.

Master-8 is an extremely flexible system since:
As a stand-alone unit – All parameters are set by the front panel keys. You can switch between 8 stored experiments; each using all the eight channels.
When connected to a PC (via USB) – Download/upload new experiments. Your PC controls and modifies the parameters of Master-8 in accordance with the feedback from the experiment.
You can use the powerful scheduler in order to modify parameters and switch between experiments at scheduled times.

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