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Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator

Product Name: Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator
Product Type: PDMI-2
Exhibitors: Warner
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


the PDMI-2 microincubator has unique design places flexible tubes carrying inflowing perfusate in contact with a temperature regulated Peltier heat pump driven plate.

Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator  Detailed description
This microincubation system operates equally well under both static and continuously perfused situations.
  • Uses Peltier technology
  • Enables intracellular, whole cell or single channel patch clamp recordings from dissociated cells, cultured cells, and brain slice preparations
  • Enables long-term optical examination of living tissue
  • Heats or cools both media and gas
  • Operating temperature ranges from ~5 to 50 °C

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