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MF-200 Horizontal Micropipette Polishor

Product Name: MF-200 Horizontal Micropipette Polishor
Product Type: MF-200
Exhibitors: Sutter
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MF-200 Horizontal Micropipette Polishor

MF-200 Horizontal Micropipette Polishor  Detailed description

MF-200 Horizontal Micropipette Polishor.

Main Application:
    Patch clamps, intracellular and extracellular recording electrodes, and microinjection electrodes can be drawn.
Main Feature:

 •  Polished horizontally.
 •  Provides three kinds of heating wire of different sizes, big, middle, and small, suitable for different experimental requirements.
 •  H602 Microscope: Objective 40 times, eyepiece 10 times or 15 times (equipped with micrometer, length scale and angle scale), long working distance (3mm).
 •  The Pt heating wire is fixed with the microscope objective lens, solving the difficulty of looking for the heating wire under the microscope.

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