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DMF-1000 Horizontal Micropipette Polisher

Product Name: DMF-1000 Horizontal Micropipette Polisher
Product Type: DMF-1000
Exhibitors: Sutter
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DMF-1000 Horizontal Micropipette Polisher

DMF-1000 Horizontal Micropipette Polisher  Detailed description

DMF-1000 Horizontal Micropipette Polisher

    It is a new type of polisher developed on the basis of MF-200 type.
Main Application:
    Patch clamps, intracellular and extracellular recording electrodes, and microinjection electrodes can be polished.
Main Feature:

 •  Polished horizontally.
 •  Digital signal processing (DSP) technology allows precise control of polishing time.
 •  Ten polishing procedures can be stored to set the heating voltage and heating time.
 •  There are manual and automatic polishing modes.
 •  H602 microscope objective lens 40 times, eyepiece 10 times or 15 times, long working distance (3mm).
 •  The unique pressure system can pass the compressed air through the inside of the glass microelectrode to the tip, and does not make the electrode tip port diameter smaller when changing the electrode rod part.
 •  The Pt heating wire is fixed with the microscope objective lens, solving the difficulty of looking for the heating wire under the microscope.

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