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MM-33 and MM-33A Micromanipulator

Product Name: MM-33 and MM-33A Micromanipulator
Product Type: MM-33/MM-33A
Exhibitors: Sutter
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


MM-33 and MM-33A Micromanipulator.

MM-33 and MM-33A Micromanipulator  Detailed description

    MM-33 and MM-33A Micromanipulator.

    Apply to :

    Patch clamp experiments are used to manipulate dosing electrodes, stimulating electrodes, or injecting electrodes. It needs to be used together with auxiliary equipment such as magnetic table seats.

    Main Features:

  • Compact design allows use in tight environments
  • Cross-loaded roller bearings for smooth, low friction movement
  • Rack and pinion drive gives stable movement with minimal backlash
  • Vertical axis lock
  •  X-axis coarse movement: 37 mm
  • X-axis fine movement: 10 mm
  • Y-axis horizontal movement: 20 mm
  • Z-axis vertical movement: 20 mm

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