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MHW-3 Three-axis Manual Micromanipulator

Product Name: MHW-3 Three-axis Manual Micromanipulator
Product Type: MHW-3
Exhibitors: other brand
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MHW-3 Three-axis Manual Micromanipulator.

MHW-3 Three-axis Manual Micromanipulator  Detailed description

    MHW-3 Three-axis Manual Micromanipulator.

    This product is mainly used for patch clamp experiments. It uses hydraulic power and has a smaller thermal expansion than traditional oil pressure, providing better accuracy.

Coarse adjustment range: X30mm, Y30mm, Z30mm

Fine adjustment range: X2mm, Y2mm, Z2mm

Fine-tuning accuracy: 50um full circle, minimum scale 0.2um

    Use under different microscopes require different interfaces.

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