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KITE Manual Micromanipulator

Product Name: KITE Manual Micromanipulator
Product Type: KITE
Exhibitors: other brand
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KITE Manual Micromanipulator.

KITE Manual Micromanipulator  Detailed description

KITE Manual Micromanipulator.

    Pencil type hydraulic mechanical micromanipulator for three-dimensional manipulators. Compared with the deceleration of large cylindrical gears, the control unit uses a drum type. Installation saves space and is economical.

Main Application:
    Patch clamps and other electrophysiological experiments manipulate the administration, stimulation, or movement of the injection electrode.

Main Feature:
    Three-axis manual control
    Coarse adjustment: 

(1) Travel distance: 35mm on X axis, 25mm on Y axis, 25mm on Z axis
(2) Accuracy: 0.1mm per axis
    Fine adjustment:

(1) Travel distance: X axis 10 mm
(2) Accuracy: 0.01mm

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