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P-30 Vertical Micropipette Puller

Product Name: P-30 Vertical Micropipette Puller
Product Type: P-30
Exhibitors: Sutter
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


P-30 Vertical Micropipette Puller.

P-30 Vertical Micropipette Puller  Detailed description
Apply to:

   The P-30 is an Vertical Micropipette Puller that can be used to draw patch clamps, intracellular and extracellular recording electrodes, and microinjection electrodes.

Main Feature:

 · Pulls electrodes with tip diameters down to 0.3µm, consistently and reliably.
 · Full three digit digital controls for accurate setting of heat and pull values.
 · Two heating assemblies available; platinum/iridium (recommended) or Nichrome coil.
 · Temperature can be controlled in two or more steps.
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