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Port-a-Patch Single-channel automatic patch clamp system

Product Name: Port-a-Patch Single-channel automatic patch clamp system
Product Type: Port-a-Patch
Exhibitors: Aurora
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Single-channel automatic patch clamp system Port-a-Patch! High-quality and higher-throughput experimental data, whole-cell and single-channel recording modes!

Port-a-Patch Single-channel automatic patch clamp system  Detailed description
Port-a-Patch--Small and exquisite.
Quickly obtain high-quality patch clamp data.
Quickly evaluate compounds and cells.

Novel and unique experimental performance.

    Port-a-Patch® is the smallest patch clamp system that can seal one cell at a giga-scale. Operators can quickly complete experiments using Port-a-Patch® with short training to obtain high-quality data. Port-a-Patch® is not only a powerful scientific tool, it is also ideal for teaching and rapid detection of cells and ion channels.
    The Port-a-Patch® process is easy to understand - you simply place the solution and cells on a disposable recording chip, and a computer-controlled negative pressure pump automatically captures the cells and seals them. It supports a variety of recording modes: whole cell; perforated patch and cell patch.
    Complete accessories, such as internal and external perfusion systems, temperature controllers, and operability for current clamp experiments and lipid bilayer experiments, have greatly enriched Port-a-Patch®'s research experiments.

    The standard Port-a-Patch® system includes: Port-a-Patch® workstations, vacuum controllers, EPC-10 amplifiers and computers. If you already have an amplifier in your hand, Port-a-Patch® is compatible with most of the time.

The standard Port-a-Patch system includes:

 · Port-a-Patch workstation, including Faraday cover.
 · Negative pressure controller, USB control (no need for external vacuum equipment).

 · Maintenance package.

 · Electrophysiological recording solution set.
 · 500 NPC-1 chips.
 · PatchControl software.
 · Port-a-Patch external perfusion system (with perfusion tank).
 · Port-a-Patch perfusion system.
 · Port-a-Patch temperature controller.
 · Port-a-Patch microscope adapter plate (for fluorescence measurement).

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