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Patchliner Scientific Research Multi-channel Automatic Patch-clamp System

Product Name: Patchliner Scientific Research Multi-channel Automatic Patch-clamp System
Product Type: Patchliner
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Patchliner®——Win by quality.

Patchliner Scientific Research Multi-channel Automatic Patch-clamp System  Detailed description
    Unmatched experimental freedom.
    First-rate throughput, functionality, and expansion.
    Patchliner Parallel Patch Clamp Ion Channel Research
     With the Patchliner® fully-automated benchtop patch clamp system, you can achieve medium-sized data throughput and enjoy unprecedented freedom of experimentation. Thanks to its outstanding data quality, powerful recording capabilities and superior automation, Patchliner® is favored in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in CROs and research institutes.
    Patchliner® has a wide range of applications, including routine hERG screening and complex primary cell experiments. In a variety of different cell line experiments, there is a consistent and consistent success rate.
    With no user intervention, Patchliner® can record up to 48 cells simultaneously, making it an ideal tool for drug screening.
    In addition, the experimental scheme can be changed in real time, making Patchliner® not only make analysis and development more efficient, but also make high-throughput research experiments at your fingertips.
    Patchliner® can record 8 cells at the same time, high-speed operation cycle and excellent success rate, making Patchliner® achieve high throughput of 500 data points per day.
    High flexibility, high throughput and high success rates have made Patchliner® the industry leader.
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