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CardioExcyte 96

Product Name: CardioExcyte 96
Product Type: CardioExcyte 96
Exhibitors: Aurora
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CardioExcyte 96 Unlabeled Cardiac Safety Screening.

CardioExcyte 96  Detailed description
 · Improve heart safety screening.
 · 1ms ultra-accurate impedance measurement resolution.
 · Monitor beat parameters in real time.
 · Low-cost 96-well plate consumables.
 · Optional incubation system.
 · Supports cardiac pacing.
 · Ideal tool for high-throughput pharmacological safety studies.
 · Powerful data analysis and export capabilities.

    The CardioExcyte 96 is a high-resolution device that uses non-invasive impedance measurement techniques to record the contractility or pulsation of an intact cardiomyocyte population. It is a fully automated device that simultaneously performs 96 channel recordings. With the use of embedded electronics and sophisticated sensor-integrated multi-well plates as consumables, the CardioExcyte 96 is an epoch-making, high-impedance impedance measurement system that also allows recording in incubators. The CardioExcyte 96 Incubation System is an optional accessory that allows the CardioExcyte 96 to be placed above the bench for controlling and maintaining temperature, gas mixture and humidity.
Efficient and easy operations benefit from excellent software packages for data processing and export; therefore, this is an important part of the CardioExcyte system.
    The system has been validated by a number of suppliers of stem cells derived from cardiomyocytes (Axiogenesis, Cellular Dynamics International, GE Healthcare), and beats, cellectis.
    Here watch the cellular network pulsing animations and readout signals.
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