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ICR 8000 Ion Channel Reader

Product Name: ICR 8000 Ion Channel Reader
Product Type: ICR 8000
Exhibitors: Aurora
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ICR8000 utilizes atomic absorption spectrometer and flux analysis ion channel technology to play a very important role in ion channel screening.

ICR 8000 Ion Channel Reader  Detailed description
    Compared to other methods, we can assess the hERG potassium channel more quickly, accurately, and accurately. The hERG channel is associated with the QT prolongation syndrome in the heart. Therefore, compounds with modulating effects on ion channels require QT-dependent assessment.
ICR 8000 has a wide range of applications. For example, assessing voltage-gated ion channels (hERG, BK/SK, Kv1.1, 1.4, 1.5, KCNQ, 2P, etc.) and ligand-gated ion channels (KATP, nAChR, etc.) to help researchers speed up drugs (treatments And the development of prevention of ion channel related diseases)
· Experimental program can be written and automated.
· Automatic dilution, automatic establishment of standard curve, automatic cleaning.
· Can be used with existing automation equipment.
· Experimenters do not need to configure diluted samples.
· high sensitivity.
· Online dilution.
· Medium flux: up to 5000 samples daily.
· Single channel: one sample at a time.
· Minimum sample volume: 50 μl.
· Sample Container: 96 or 384 Microplate.
· Dimensions: H.67 cm X W.55 cm X D.37 cm.
· Gas: Air/acetylene.
· Optional accessories: stacker, reader.
· Sensitivity: Detection limit of 0.05ppm.
· Accuracy: < 5% CV.
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