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ICR 12000 Ion Channel Reader

Product Name: ICR 12000 Ion Channel Reader
Product Type: ICR 12000
Exhibitors: Aurora
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ICR 12000 is designed for ultra-high throughput ion channel screening.

ICR 12000 Ion Channel Reader  Detailed description
    Based on Aurora's highly efficient ion channel technology, this reader is highly sensitive and can provide accurate drug sequencing consistent with electrophysiological experimental data. This new member of the ICR family provides a throughput solution for QT-dependent assessment of drugs during early drug development.
    This technology is based on the functionality, accuracy, sensitivity of the atomic absorption spectrometer, and the patented micro-injection method from OLALA Biotechnology. Suitable for ion flux analysis of cell-based ligand-gated and voltage-gated channels.
 · High throughput: up to 60,000 samples daily.
 · Multi-channel: Simultaneous measurement of 12 samples.
 · Minimum injection volume: 20μl.
 · Sample Container: 96 or 384 Microplate.
 · Dimensions: H.135 cm X W.134cm X D.97cm.
 · Gas: Air/Natural Gas.
 · Stacker, reading machine.
 · Sensitivity: The detection limit is 0.05 ppm.
 · Accuracy: < 5% CV.
 · ICR technology is suitable for a variety of ion channels, including:
 · Shaker (Kv1.1, Kv1.4, and Kv1.5).
 · hERG.
 · KCNQ4.
 · B/SKCa.
 · Kir2.1.
 · nAChR.
 · KATP (P2X family).
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