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UMP Micromanipulator

Product Name: UMP Micromanipulator
Product Type: UMP
Exhibitors: 芬兰Sensapex
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SenSapex's latest technology crystallization - UMP micromanipulator system!

UMP Micromanipulator  Detailed description
        Design by Minato!
    Easy to use!
    Unlimited development!

Technical Parameters:

 · Stroke: 20x20x20 mm3 (XYZ).
 · Resolution/repeat precision: 5nm/20nm.
 · Maximum speed: 10mm/s.
 · Load: 0-200g.
 · Operating angle: 0-45 degrees.
 · Fourth draw movement: virtual/actual fourth axis (optional).
 · Fixing method: magnetic/screw.
 · Change electrode method: Rotary/backward.
 · Product volume: 42x77x95mm.

Touch screen controller:


 · Intuitive user interface, touch screen display.
 · Quick and easy adjustment of speed, select the operator.
 · Programmable, storage operator position.
 · Each controller has two built-in WOU interfaces for unlimited number of connected operators.
 · Millisecond control, synchronization of multiple controllers.
 · Fast computer connection via Ethernet.
 · Open source SDK software and development team.

Wheel controller:

 · Knob type or rocker type controller.
 · 4-knob controller with 4D operator.
 · Quick keys to control speed or select micro operation.
 · USB connection with touch screen.
 · Volume: 170x53x170 mm.

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