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Single Channel Iontophoresis Generator

Product Name: Single Channel Iontophoresis Generator
Product Type: ION-100 / ION-100T
Exhibitors: Dagan
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The ION-100(T) uses an extremely accurate constant current source operational amplifier with +130 compliance voltage.

Single Channel Iontophoresis Generator  Detailed description

The front panel is arranged to facilitate easy operation. The POSITIVE, NEGATIVE current controls and the eject polarity controls operate as a team to determine both the magnitude and the polarity of the passing and the holding currents passed by the drug containing electrode.

To eject a cationic drug (positively charged) it is necessary to pass a positive current, to then prevent diffusion of that same cationic drug a negative "backing" or retaining current is required. The converse is true for anionic drug, negative for eject and positive for retain.

A "no" current flow situation can be obtained ether by setting both POSITIVE & NEGATIVE controls to 0nA on the dial or by placing the EJECT POSITIVE/NEGATIVE toggle switch to OFF/EXT.

The EJECT/RETAIN switch provides a manual control over the time period of drug injection. In the EJECT position the preprogrammed EJECT current passes drug through the micropipette barrel. The RETAIN position supplies the preprogrammed RETAIN current to hold the drug in the micropipette barrel.

If other than manual time control is desired, the EJECT/RETAIN switch should be placed in the AUTO or GATE position. In this position, the timing can be controlled by ether the EJECT TIMER (ION-100T only) or by the GATE input BNC on the back panel.

The GROUND push button switch shorts (grounds) out the current generator and micropipette barrel.

External analog current programming is accomplished by injecting +10 volt to -10 volt programming voltage into the back panel EXT COMD BNC.

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