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Micro-Iontophoresis Current Generator

Product Name: Micro-Iontophoresis Current Generator
Product Type: 6400
Exhibitors: Dagan
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The new Dagan 6400Advanced is a system, which consists of six fully programmable High Voltage constant current generators for use with single or multi barrel microelectrodes.

Micro-Iontophoresis Current Generator  Detailed description



  • High Compliance Voltage (+135Volts)
  • Electrode Resistance Test
  • Programmable Timer
  • 7th Sum Channel 1000nA range
  • +
  • Electrode Blocking indicators

Current Monitoring

The 6400Advanced measures the ACTUAL current passing through the electrode barrel (rather than the expected current), and displays the current in nA's on the digital read out monitor. The output current can also be monitor via a back panel BNC. Each channel also has a monitor LED that alerts the operator of electrode "BLOCKING" (microelectrode failure to pass current).

Time Programming

The 6400Advanced includes the versatile AUTO SEQUENCE PULSER which switches any or all channels into the eject mode sequentially for the duration of its independently preset drug ejection time with a common interval time between channels. Each channel can also be independently operated via the front panel controls or an external digital control. Combinations of these are also possible.


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