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Differential Extracellular Amplifiers

Product Name: Differential Extracellular Amplifiers
Product Type: EX-1/EX-4-400
Exhibitors: Dagan
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The EX4-400 and EX1 Amplifiers are ideal for all non-human applications which require single or multiple channel AC or DC amplification with High and Low frequency filtering.

Differential Extracellular Amplifiers  Detailed description


  • Designed for very low noise applications 10Voutput range
  • +
  • External line operated power supply
  • Low Cut filter 0.1 Hertz to 300 Hertz
  • High Cut filter 30 Hertz to 100 Kilohertz
  • Mainframe gains from 1 to 2,000
  • DC recording with or without variable offset
  • Single ended (A) or differential (A-B) inputs
  • Optional Headstage with gain of 10
  • Optional Integrator (RMS) of waveform
  • Optional sample and hold to reduce artifacts
  • Standard +700mVInput, with optional +2Vor +10V
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