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Picodrop Microliter UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Product Name: Picodrop Microliter UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
Product Type: PICO100/200
Exhibitors: other brand
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Picodrop provides the ultimate solution to microliter spectrophotometry...use samples down to 2uL and even recover your sample after use.

Picodrop Microliter UV/Vis Spectrophotometer  Detailed description

Picodrop uses a unique patented design which for the first time allows UV/Vis measurements to be taken directly through the pipette tip!

Sample Volumes down to 2uL

No dilutions necessary
Kinetic measurements in both tip or cuvette
3 Second detection time
No regular recalibration required
No reconditioning or expensive recalibration of platform necessary
Zero Cross-Contamination
100% Sample recovery
No cleaning required
No transfer to sample platform or pedestal
Range of cuvette accessories including compatibility with Hellma Tray Cell and micro-cuvettes

Maintain the highest level of user and sample protection, simply use Picodrops unique disposable UVpette pipette tips. Advanced polymer technology ensures precise UV absorbtion measurements down to 230nm

Microliter UV/Vis Spectrophotometry for DNA, RNA and other nucleic acid concentration measurements
Kinetics concentration measurements, set time delay and duration measurements should be taken for
Proteins concentration measurements including, Bradford, Lowry, Lysozyme, IgG
Dyes perfect for CY3/CY5 and other dye ratio measurements for Microarray work

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