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Infrared CCD Monochrome Video Camera

Product Name: Infrared CCD Monochrome Video Camera
Product Type: IR-1000
Exhibitors: DAGE
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The newly designed IR-1000 real-time camera (30 frames/sec.) offers enhanced sensitivity across the entire visible and near IR spectrum, with a 5X increase in sensitivity at 900nm.

Infrared CCD Monochrome Video Camera  Detailed description

To provide optimum contrast, the IR-1000 camera now includes electronics that automatically and instantaneously readjust when a scene changes.  This innovative design is especially useful when changing magnification levels, specimens, and/or lighting levels.  The camera’s new real-time edge enhancement feature sharpens the edges and delivers a clearer picture by resolving fine details in the image.

With a convenient C-mount, the IR-1000 is widely used in a “live” mode connected directly to a monitor.  An optional computer interface board is also available.  Dage-MTI’s new real-time camera is ideal for applications such as electrophysiology, infrared differential interference contrast (IR-DIC), failure analysis, forensics and semiconductor inspection.

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