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X-Y stage

Product Name: X-Y stage
Product Type: Gibraltar
Exhibitors: Burleigh
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The Most Dependable Mounting Solution For Fixed-Stage, Upright Microscopes

X-Y stage  Detailed description

The Burleigh® Gibraltar® Platform and X-Y stage provide outstanding motorized hands-free movement for fixed-stage upright microscopes. The microscope can be moved smoothly and precisely between fields of view without disturbing an established patch, while the motorized translation stage ensures that you never lose a position of interest.

The open design of the elevated platform allows manipulators, chambers and other instruments to be installed with optimum mechanical and thermal stability. Ideal for multiple-patch experiments.

There are numerous configurations of the Burleigh® Gibraltar® microscope X-Y stage and platform, based on combinations of microscope type, base plates, platform tops and motorized/manual movement.

ISO 9001:2000 Registration

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