Product Information

Microforge-Grinding Center

Product Name: Microforge-Grinding Center
Product Type: MFG-5
Exhibitors: Warner
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The MFG-5 microforge/grinding center is designed for precise and efficient modification of micropipette and multi-pipette tips.

Microforge-Grinding Center  Detailed description
Glass micropipette polishing, shaping, tipping, bending, beveling, and grinding - all in one compact platform.
  • Rapid and easy switching between microforge and microgrinder by turning the tool manipulator
  • Precise, convenient movement controls for heater/grinder, pipette locations and optical focus
  • Universal pipette holder for one to seven barrel pipettes and 0-180 degree beveling
  • Up to 40X, long working distance objective and 10X eyepiece optics combination, plus scale eyepiece for precision measurement.
  • Adjustable, precision power supply for variable grinder speed and heating level
  • Pressurized air for pipette tip clearing, expanding, and cooling. Foot switch controllable

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