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Motorized Micromanipulator

Product Name: Motorized Micromanipulator
Product Type: MP-225
Exhibitors: Sutter
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The MP-225 is one of the newer members in the Sutter Instrument micromanipulator line.

Motorized Micromanipulator  Detailed description
Highly stable for experiments intolerant of pipette drift.
Submicron (62.5nm) minimal resolution for fine movement.
Convenient thumbwheel selects resolution/speed of movement.
25mm of motorized travel on all three axes.
4th axis for coaxial movement of pipette, angle selected by DIP switches on ROE.
ROE button press actuates move to Home position for pipette exchange.
ROE button press actuates move to Work position near recording location.
Continuous display (in microns) of axes positions located on ROE.
DIP switches on ROE select direction of movement produced by turn of ROE knob.
Modularized, compact design easily adaptable to your setup.
Mounting adapters included with manipulator.
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